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3 Types of content you should reporpuse.

3 Types of Content You Should Repurpose

Did you know that you DON’T have to create content from scratch each and every time? Here’s a helpful tip if you’re stalling on writing that blog post or article because you don’t know what to write. 💁🏾‍♀️


That’s right. There’s really nothing wrong with repurposing your content. I mean, you created it, so you get to use it on ALL the platforms! Am I right or am I right?

So what are some types of content you should be repurposing into blog posts or articles? Well, there’s all kinds of content that can be repurposed and published on your website, but in this article, we’re digging into three main types that you probably already have ready to go.

1. YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are excellent fodder for repurposing. Did you know that the average speaking rate is 100 to 150 words per minute? If you have a 10 minute YouTube video, that’s 1000 words, or more! Imagine turning that value-filled YouTube video into a blog post for your website!

Whether it’s a video on best stretches after a long-day sitting at your desk, or a step-by-step yoga flow, or even a “what to expect on my first visit to a chiropractor’s office”, repurpose your content for your website!

2. Facebook or Instagram Lives

My friend, you’re putting a ton of energy, effort, time, and heart into creating content for your Facebook and Instagram audience. Why not turn that into something that keeps working for you long after the 15-minutes of fame on social media has faded? Facebook and Instagram Lives are perfect to be repurposed into a blog post or even an article for LinkedIn.

And keep in mind that when you post new (repurposed) content to other platforms, you’re getting access to new audiences that you wouldn’t ordinarily! What’s not to like?

3. Podcast Episodes

Do you have a podcast? Great – tonnes of content for you to repurpose! Been a guest on someone else’s podcast? Also great! Let me explain why.

Podcasts are an interesting form of sharing content. It’s like your audience is pouring your voice directly into their ears, and what’s more – podcasts are hugely popular these days. However, Google and our search engine friends haven’t quite caught up on the technology to “listen” to podcasts and understand what they’re saying. Which is why people have show notes for their podcasts, but honestly – they don’t often capture a lot of information. That’s where blog posts come in. Use your podcast episodes as the base for your blog posts or article. Share the same content, just in written form. The search engines will love your site (hello, keywords and SEO!), and as a bonus, you’re making your podcast accessible to people who prefer not to listen to podcasts!

If you were a guest on a podcast, this is also great – because you can share your post-podcast blog post with your host to share with their audience, and add value to them in that way!

Creating content doesn’t have to be hard, and it definitely doesn’t always have to be from scratch. If you really sit down to think about it, I bet you’ll discover you already have some of this content ready to go.

So, what will you be repurposing next?


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