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Stand Out Package

Got a million ideas you can’t wait to share your audience? This is the package for you!
Create value for your ideal clients while setting yourself apart from the competition with top-notch content.

Every month, you get…

1 x 60 min Strategy & Planning Session

  • We will brainstorm ideas for your content pieces for the month
  • You can share feedback, ask questions, or let me know any comments you have

4 x Content Pieces (700-1000 words)

  • These can be blog posts for your website, or articles to publish on LinkedIn or other publications
  • Examples: How-to articles. Step-by-step guides. Pros & Cons comparisons. General information articles.
  • I can include SEO keywords that you have researched and would like to rank for

Optional: 4 x Email Newsletters

  • Summary of information presented in the content pieces
  • Allows you to share your latest content with your email subscribers

Prices start at US$865 / month
Minimum 3 month commitment

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