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Make an Impact: Repurpose

You DON’T have to create content from scratch each and every time. Leverage existing content into new and fresh content your audience will love. Less effort, more impact!

Repurposed Content

-Repurpose video or audio (Facebook Lives, YouTube videos, podcast interviews etc.) into written content.

-Based on 30min of audio/video

-750 words of written content

Social Media Captions

 – Short and snazzy captions for social media platforms

 -Designed to direct traffic to your website

 – Allows you to share your latest content with your followers

Boost   US$195/month

   1 x Content Piece +

   1 x Social Media Captions

Strengthen  US$375/month

   2 x Content Pieces +

   2 x Social Media Captions

Amplify   US$720/month

    4 x Content Pieces +

    4 x Social Media Captions

     *Add Ons Available

Minimum 3 month commitment

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