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Blog Cover-I don't love my job.

That's why you should hire me.

It’s not what I think about every waking moment.

I don’t jump out of bed thinking WOOHOO LET’S WRITE SOME ARTICLES AND EMAILS.

I definitely won’t skip meals to work on your projects.

And that’s why you should hire me.

You’re confused. I get it.

Everyone in the online space is all

“I LOVE helping people do XYZ.”

“I ADORE doing ABC for a tiny amount of money.”

“Waking up every day to put hours of work into PQR LIGHTS UP MY LIFE!”

Um. Excuse me? What’s wrong with you?

Yes, I *am* excellent at the work I do. And I enjoy (love?) writing. It’s even pretty fun sometimes.

But I don’t LOVE my job.

I don’t LOVE that I have to write in order to pay my bills, eat, and survive.

I don’t LOVE having to prove my “worth” and fight to stay alive.

What DO I love?

– I ADORE experimenting with food (cooking, eating, all the things – one of my favorite things to do in a new city is visiting a fresh produce market).

– Reading books for fun LIGHTS ME UP. Not for self-help or to become a better worker, just purely for pleasure. I’m currently reading the Ramayana, listening to Ponniyin Selvan, and also reading DEBT: The First 5000 years.

– Hiking in nature or swimming in the ocean FILLS ME WITH JOY.

– Playing zombies in the playground with my nieces is something I LIVE for.

– Swatting mosquitos with an electric bat bring me IMMENSE SATISFACTION like nothing else.

Not my work.

And that’s also what makes me so GOOD at what I do. Because to write well, you have to LIVE. Experience. Feel. Not just work.

AND because so many other things are even more important to me than work, you better believe that I only work with people I truly stand with.

If I decide we’re a good fit to work together, something about YOU makes me think – this is worth investing my time, energy, and effort.

Your cause. Your mission. Your dedication to the people you serve. You as a human being.

You’re special.

If you want to work with someone who knows that there’s more to life than WORK – you know how to get me.

Peace out,